Carlsbad Aquafarm
Along the golden shores of Southern California, just north of San Diego, is the sleepy beach town of Carlsbad, home to the Carlsbad Aquafarm. Here, alongside the pristine waters of South Carlsbad State Beach, we carefully hand-raise and harvest Southern Cal`s only true varieties of oysters, Carlsbad Blondes and Lunas, legendary for their deeply cupped, glassy shells, streaked amber and purple, and packed with meaty goodness.
Our Mission
Our mission is to sustainably farm shellfish of
rnexceptional quality while conserving and enhancing
rnhealthy marine ecosystems and coastal environments.
Buy Fresh Oysters
We ship fresh Chesapeake Bay oysters for delivery to
rnthe entire continental US. We have shucking tools. And
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About Us

Carlsbad Aquafarm is Southern California`s only shellfish farm, sustainably growing eco-friendly mussels, oysters and culinary seaweed. Our farm is committed to sustainable aquaculture by pursuing the balance between quality seafood production and the ongoing conservation of our ocean resources.

Our marketing is focused on primarily serving Southern California where we deliver fresh, premium shellfish to local customers while minimizing our carbon footprint with the least food miles possible.

Our farm is also involved with marine habitat restoration through nutrient bioextraction projects where we build oyster reefs, ``living shorelines`` that remove excess nutrients from estuaries, lagoons and bays that can degrade ecosystem health. The reefs also help attenuate wave energy that can erode shorelines.

Our Floating Farm

Our crops of oysters, mussels, clams and scallops are supported by floats that ride upon strong, tidal currents. Each new day brings >750 million gallons of fresh seawater and nutrients to feed the shellfish growing on ``our floating farm``.

Morning Harvest

Our cadre of dedicated crew members care deeply about the quality of every hand-grown oyster they raise, tumble and polish before harvesting. Each oyster is taken from our grow-area and tumbled at least 9 times before the final harvest.

Chill Purified

When oysters reach market size they are immersed in triple-filtered chilled seawater - a purification process that ensures the highest quality and product safety. After FDA test certification, shellfish are packed on ice and shipped to customers.

Play the video to see more of how we work